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Featured Wine of the Month: Marquette Reserve
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2014 Celestial Louise Sparkling White 500ml $16
AWARD: INDY International Wine Competition SILVER medal.
Our 2014 Celestial Louise is made with our 2014 Louise Swenson grapes. This is our first sparkling wine and we’ve produced it in a brut style to compliment the grape’s natural acidity and minerality. You’ll find this wine is at its finest when served well chilled and shared with friends.
• 2014 Celestial Louise Wine Information Sheet – pdf >

2012-Louise-Swenson-bottle 2014 Louise Swenson Dry White $16
AWARD: 2015 Int’l Cold Climate Competition – GOLD.
Our 2014 Louise Swenson is made from grapes of the same name grown on our both McCabe’s Brook and NuMondo vineyards. A bit of the Prairie Star grape has been added to enhance the fruit character of the wine. The 2014 vintage of this wine has a lightly floral aroma. It is dry, sophisticated and food-friendly with subtle notes of ripe, green pears and finishes with clean acidity and a hint of minerality derived from our soils.
• 2014 Louise Swenson Wine Information Sheet – pdf >
VT Riesling 2014 Vermont Riesling Off-Dry White $25
Limited Release! This single vineyard, estate grown wine is an off-dry expression of the classic Riesling grape. We have chosen to grow this noble grape variety on our site closest to Lake Champlain and we are currently the only vineyard in Vermont growing Riesling. This vintage has a fragrant, lightly floral aroma while the palate bursts with notes of crisp, ripe fruits followed by just a hint of sweetness.
• 2014 VT Riesling Wine Information Sheet – pdf >
Cayuga-bottle 2015 Cayuga Dry White $14
Cayuga White is a blend of mainly Cayuga with a bit of Chardonnay and Riesling. We’ve created this wine to be a light, dry style. It is bright and refreshing with notes of fresh citrus and a mouthwatering, crisp finish. 
• 2015 Cayuga Wine Information Sheet – pdf >
Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 2.51.42 PM 2015  Lake View White Semi dry White $14
Lakeview White is a blend of primarily Cayuga and Gewurztraminer with a touch of Chardonnay. This white wine is aromatic and lightly fruity which makes it the perfect afternoon sipping wine. It is well balanced with a hint of sweetness and a fresh crisp finish.
• 2015 Lake View White Wine Information Sheet – pdf >
LaCrescent-Bottle- 2014 La Crescent Semi dry White $16
AWARDS: 2015 International Cold Climate Wine Competition – SILVER
The 2014 growing season had a few challenges but produced berries with lively fruit flavors. This is a beautiful, aromatic wine with touch of sweetness and complexity, which finishes bright and crisp with lingering notes of juicy stone fruits.
• 2014 LaCrescent Wine Information Sheet – pdf >
Riesling-bottle 2014  NY Riesling Dry White $15
Crafted by us at our Shelburne winery from grapes harvested for us at Lamoreaux Landing Vineyards in the Finger Lakes region of NY State, this wine offers a dry expression of the noble Riesling grape. The aroma soft while the palate is delicate, lightly fruity and crisp.
• 2014 NY Riesling Wine Information Sheet pdf >
2012 Whimsey Meadow Rosé
2014   Whimsey Meadow Rosé Off-Dry Rosé $15 – Sold Out
AWARDS: AWARDS: 2015 International Cold Climate Wine Competition – BEST OF SHOW, DOUBLE GOLD. Atlantic Seaboard Wine Competition – SILVER. Eastern Expo Wine Competition – SILVER
Every year, the bend for our Whimsey Meadow Rosé varies. For the 2014 vintage, we’ve combined some newer hybrid varieties such as Petite Pearl and Prairie Star with the more commonly grown Marquette, Louise Swenson and LaCresent to create a rosé that is juicy and satisfying. It has a soft aroma of candied berries with an undertone of watermelon while the taste bursts with fresh red fruits and a hint of lingering acidity.

2014 Whimsey Meadow Rose Wine Information Sheet – pdf >
 PetitePearl 2013 Petite Pearl Dry Red $17 – Sold Out
Limited Release! The grapes for this wine were harvested in 2013 from only one hundred Petite Pearl vines which were planted in 2010. The harvest yielded enough juice for one precious barrel worth of wine which we set aside to age sur lie for 15 months. Our first release of this wine exhibits a lightly floral aroma with undermines of leather and red berries.
Marquette-bottle  2014 Marquette Dry Red $19

Our dry Marquette Wines…Vermont’s most awarded wines – 4X winner “Best in Show” at the International Cold Climate Wine Competition in 2011, 2012, 2013 , 2014 for our previous vintages. Hints of dark berries with undertones of vanilla and coconut on the nose. The wine is robust and rich with notes of black cherries and lively spice with a complex, lingering finish. We aged the wine in American and French oak barrels sur-lie for 6 months.
• 2014 Marquette Wine Information Sheet – pdf >

2011 Marquette Reserve
2013  Marquette Reserve Dry Red $29

AWARDS: 2015 International Cold Climate Wine Competition – BRONZE.  Finger Lakes Int’l Competition – DOUBLE GOLD
Twelve oak barrels of our 2013 vintage were set aside to age sur lie for 15 months to amplify the fruit characteristics and obtain a fuller mouth-feel. The aroma of our 2013 Marquette Reserve is reminiscent of fresh cherry juice, red licorice, wet stone and spice. Expressive flavors of ripe, red berries, toasted vanilla beans, tobacco and baking coco burst on the palate. The texture is medium bodied with medium acid and finishes with a warm, lingering spice.
• 2013 Marquette Reserve Wine Information Sheet – pdf >
   Harvest Widow’s Revenge Semi-Sweet Red $15- Sold Out
AWARDS: Atlantic Seaboard Wine Competition – BEST IN CATEGORY/GOLD
This red wine is an homage to the spouses, partners and families of our hard working vineyard and winery staff. “Harvest Widows” often band together for fun social gatherings while their partners work long hours in the vineyard during grape harvest season.
• 2014 Harvest Widow’s Revenge Wine Information Sheet – pdf >
2014 Duet Ice Wine
Sweet Dessert Wine 375 ml $40  200ml $22
Our Vermont grown Ice Wine is made primarily from Vidal Blanc grapes field blended with a small amount of Arctic Riesling. After a relatively warm December, this vintage was picked on January 8, 2015 at about 4 ̊ Fahrenheit. We harvest these grapes when the temperature drops below 15 ̊ Fahrenheit in order to ensure the sugar and juice in the grapes concentrates and the water inside the grape freezes. This traditional process produces a luscious dessert wine. The bouquet is an alluring combination of sweet and floral aromas. The flavors burst with notes of baked peaches, pears and apples while the texture is smooth and balanced. A rich, lingering finish leaves your palate satisfied.
• 2014 Duet Ice Wine Information Sheet – pdf >

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